Mrs. Joanne Meilak

Joanne is a veterinary nurse who completed her studies in New Zealand. She has worked with Ian since 2001 back when the clinic was in Wembley Rd as a veterinary nurse then moved into our brand new purpose built clinic here at Compton Road the following year.  The new clinic was so big, we had to get used to where everything was and quickly loved the tranquil creek setting we look out onto.  Jo left the clinic in 2008 to try her hand in other careers and to travel, however the love of animals and knowing Compton Rd is such a great place to work, saw her return to us in August 2013 as our Practice Manager.

Jo has always had a love of all animals including wildlife and is passionate about their well being. She is the member of staff who will take home and care for any injured or sick birds or native animals and will release them back to where they were found. She also has a love of customer service so you will normally find her out the front on the reception desk helping out our clients.

 Schnitzel and Parmigiana (pictured below) & 3 cats Suki, Mewsette, Ed Sherrin plus 2 snakes make up Jos’ family.

Cook Islands holiday - While holidaying on Rarotonga Jo helped out by taking some rescue dogs from the SPCA for a much needed walk up to a waterfall. One of the dogs had a leg recently amputated, so was stopping and catching his breath along the way.  Wandering dogs are a big problem on the island, they roam around the roads and frequently get hit by cars. Unfortunately it was Jo that broke her leg on this trip!!      



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